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I am a highly driven, self-motivated and hard-working translator. With twenty years experience of working in a professional environment, I understand the needs of customers, take their wishes on board, offer flexibility and can prioritise to ensure that deadlines are met and quality guaranteed.

What I Offer

I provide highly accurate, mother tongue translations from German into English. I am an experienced technical translator with a proven track record. I specialise in the translation of technical documents, including operating instructions and manuals. My area of expertise also encompasses the telecommunications, energy and IT sectors. I am highly conversant with Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as numerous translation tools including Trados, Across and Transit.

Why You Should Use Me

I offer competitive prices for translation and proofreading services which reflect both the deadline and high quality of my work. I have a zero-fuss approach to business and aim to simplify your dealings with me, delivering an end product which is second to none. Customer satisfaction is always my main focus and through my attention to detail and meticulous proofreading, it is something I pride myself on achieving.

I look forward to working with you.

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